Classic Luminor Marina Replica Watch

2Today, the world’s advanced timepieces almost all come from Switzerland. No matter in terms of manufacturing process or the brand history, clocks and watches of all other countries cannot comparable with that of Swiss. Among which, however, the Panerai is an exception. Over the years, Panerai wrist watches with its superb technology and distinctive style has become the high-quality goods of the collectors.

Panerai was brought into the world famous luxury giant – Swiss Richmond group. After the takeover of Richemont, the Panerai wrist watches were greatly pushing its global sales, and in 1998 for the first time in the international market launched Panerai mechanical automatic chain professional diving watches, dual time zone wrist watches, and the power reserve watches that can display movement remaining energy. By less than 10 years of the Panerai’s development in the global market, it has entered the top watches lists in the world to become the world famous senior sports watch brand. watches panerai replica has more than 380 stores in the whole world, and has stores in China Hong Kong and Shanghai also.

Classic Luminor Marina Series

Luminor Marina 1950 3 Days Automatic Composite PAM00386, which is featuring brown Panerai composite material watch case, 44 mm in diameter, hours, minutes, small seconds, date and grey translucent sapphire crystal glass, waterproof of 300 meters, and the leather strap engraved with the PANERAI logo, also equipped with large Panerai Composite ® buckles. And there is also a stainless steel screwdriver and a spare strap. This material taking on the advanced wrist watch by panerai luminor marina replica is a kind of artificial ceramic by the electrochemical process to make aluminum ceramic. Its characteristic is more lighter than ceramic, but more hard and more durable than steel, the surface effect like the grind arenaceous processing, which is very different in appearance.

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